About Me

Hi there,

I create unique paintings using Irish wild mushrooms and my  passion for nature and art can be seen in my work.

Working with my garden mushrooms, I harness their spore dispersal action to create these individual patterns. Some patterns are mirror images of the mushrooms’ gills and others are more abstract when I add air currents to the process creating a sense of movement, fluidity and sometimes, playfulness.

My work reflects the juxtaposition of decay and life, stillness and motion as nature shapes the world we inhabit. Mushrooms and fungi recycle the dead and resupply the building blocks of life. Nothing is ever still. Motion is everywhere.

Each piece of my work is unique and original.

My medium is mushroom spores which are dried, fixed, framed, sealed and ready to hang.

I live in the foothills of the Dublin mountains surrounded by trees, birds, wild animals and, of course, mushrooms!

Please feel free to ask any questions and I will reply as quickly as possible.
Thank you!