St George's Mushroom


The St George has been few and far between in the garden this year, however, my neighbour let me pick his so I wonder - since they grow in a circle as they exhaust their food source - will they reappear on my side of the fence next year? Watch this space!


This is one of the mushrooms that recurs in the same location for many years, sometimes in scattered groups & somtimes in fairy rings. Calocybe gambosa has a common name - St George's Mushroom. It is a very good edible mushroom, distinguished from other pale species of springtime by its size, growth pattern and most importantly, its mealy (like wet flour) smell. Once you smell it - you'll know what I mean!

This spore painting is made using wild mushrooms picked sustainably in my neighbours garden. The frame (purchased) is 30 x 40 x 4cm deep which can be hung. I used a grey board and a white frame with perspex.

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