Square the circle


I like the way the circular mushrooms became squares in this piece, almost as if they didn't want to touch each other.

This is one of the few edible mushrooms from my garden and last year I found two circles growing happily in different areas. I enjoyed some in a mushroom risotto and some more in a tasty mushroom sauce with a delicious irish fillet steak.

However, this year they are scarce and I found just six between the two areas. I suspect the cold, dry spring is the culprit, nevertheless, I did enjoy some in a creamy sauce on pasta!

It appears mid April to mid May (typically around St George's Day) growing in grass near trees. Its lookalikes appear later in the year but always make sure you have identified your mushrooms accurately before you attempt to eat them.


This spore painting is made using wild mushrooms picked sustainably in my garden. The frame (purchased) is 30 x 40 x 4cm deep which can be hung. I used a forest green board and a white frame with perspex.

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