Last year I found some of these mushrooms behind a compost heap under some trees and this year they appeared on the other side of their circle out on the grass.

This was made using a Clouded Agaric aka Clitocybe Nebularis, a large grey mushroom which causes gastric upset so it is not on my list of edible mushrooms.  It is very common and I had great fun working with them last autumn.


This print is made using a wild mushroom picked sustainably in my garden.   I used a green card and a white metal frame (purchased) is 33cm sq by 2 cm deep with glass cover and can be hung.

Like a fingerprint, each mushroom has its own unique pattern which ebbs as it ages. This print is absolutely original and unique.

It is not recommended to remove the print from the frame due to its very delicate nature and not all my prints are sealed.

This mushrooms was picked fresh and, therefore, a certain amount of moisture soaked into the card causing some warping. This a natural part of the process of spore printing and not a fault in the print.

Before you hit buy!

Returns & exchanges

I gladly accept cancellations before the item has been dispatched. Please request the cancellation via the website within 24 hours of purchase.

I don't accept returns or exchanges, however, I will do my best to resolve any issues with your order.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I cannot be responsible for delays due to customs issues.

Care Instructions

I recommend hanging these prints out of direct light to avoid fading. If you must remove the print from the frame please be careful not to touch and damage the spore pattern which are delicate and not all can be sealed. I will not accept any responsibility for damage caused by removing the print from the frame provided.

Gift wrapping

All art is shipped with padding for the corners. Please contact me if you want your piece of art gift wrapped.

Personalised or Custom orders

I may not always have mushrooms at hand for something specific, you may have to wait a year for them to appear again! However if you have an idea, please do contact me and I'll be happy to work something out with you.

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