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I make original, unique and wonderful art works from my garden mushrooms. 
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My daughter got engaged recently, quite suddenly - yet not surprisingly! I gave this print as a present because I thought it looked like a heart and symbolised the huge love these two wonderful people have for each other. She thinks it looks like wings - either way, I felt it was a perfect present for a wonderful occasion.
The original mushroom was involved in an accident involving the root of a tree :)


St George's Mushroom

These mushrooms appeared in a circle under a Sally (willow) tree in the garden. When we had eaten all of them, I found another circle in a more shaded spot under a Beech tree.  They are called St. George's mushroom, Calocybe Gambosa, because they appear in April around St. George's day.  They must be cooked before they are eaten and are great in a creamy sauce. They smell very mushroomy and because they appear so early in the season they are difficult to confuse with deadly lookalikes.  Always err on the side of caution.

A Parasol and some Blushers.

These mushrooms are so dramatic, it is difficult to describe how excited I get when I see them emerge. The Blusher is a member of the Amanita family and a cousin of the red toadstool, the Fly Agaric and the deadly Deathcap.
It grows quickly and huge and gets its name because it turns red when bruised!
On the other hand, this Parasol was slender and elegant.
I placed the three diagonally across the card and I love the way the centre Blusher reached out to the two other mushrooms and tried to connect!

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